It’s officially official (or as close to) - we have a third-term National Government. Taika Waititi provides some great advice for those disappointed with the result.

Taika Waititi on NZ elections. The general message could apply to any elections, and I particularly agree with the following part: “you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain later” (said it pretty loudly enough after the maddening municipal election results in France). Cheers

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Petyr from What We Do In The Shadows. Tonight at midnightmadnesstiff!

5 Zimmer Kuche Sarg - Official German trailer for What We Do in the Shadows. Viago speaks German with German accent… Viennese German accent.

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30 Day Movie Challenge - Day 16: The Last Movie You Saw In Cinemas

What We Do In The Shadows

Go see this.

It truly is a cinematic treasure.