Official UK poster. In cinemas 21 November.

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😻 very very very funny n well made film. very smart guys too. I miss nz sooo bad now.

Taika and Jemaine in Berlin

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Illustration 237 - Module Six

A portrait of someone we admire/have strong feelings towards. Taika Waititi is a forerunner in New Zealand film and creates the most amazing films. I thought it was fitting to create a portrait representing a portion of his māoridom amongst his face.

That is lovely! -Ch

TIFF 2014: What We Do in the Shadows


The premise – a vampire mockumentary – is so evident that you’ll wonder how you can’t remember anyone else having done it before. But Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi pull it off handsomely with their own brand of Kiwi deadpan silliness.


Seeing Jemaine do so well outside of Flight of the Conchords is bittersweet, but no time for nostalgia when he’s cranking out such good solo work (well, not solo but you know what I mean). A well-deserved winner of the Midnight Madness award.

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Two cars, one night (corto) | Taika Waititi | 2003


For the first thirty minutes of What We Do In The Shadows(2014), I was worried all the jokes had been put into the trailer. Yet as the mockumentary - about a quartet of centuries-old vampires living together in Wellington, NZ - continues, there are further clever twists to the comic riffing about shared house living and being one of the undead. Infused with the deadpan humour that made Flight of the Conchords such a treat, co-writers and co-directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi’s make a good meal out of reviving antiquated vampire bits (Transylvanian accents, mirror gags, etc) against a nonplussed modern world. My favourite was the most recent vampire recruit Nick (Cori Gonzalez-Macuer), a street-wise wannabe DJ type, whose casual attitude is best expressed in the line, “Look, vampire mates don’t eat human mates.”

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okay I can’t not share this weird yet awesome pic of me and Taika, we met again august 20, 2014, and it was awesome (might have been a bit tipsy)

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What We Do In The Shadows is a beautiful film and like noting I’ve ever seen before. It hasent gotten enough media attention and needs it.


All the awards
Beyond perfect and absolutely HILLARIOUS

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Hello, this is Rebecca from Germany. I´ve seen your latest movie "What we do in the shadows" just last night in a OV Sneak, and was quite impressed with the humour and also the different kinds of accents of you and your fellow actors. As I´ve spent a year abroad in NZ I was very happy to hear the Kiwi accent again, and as a German I wasn´t sure until a certain point in the movie if you were German or not? How come you spoke so well? Do you have German ancestry? Really impressive! :) Kind regards

Hi Rebecca, thanks for your message, but I must disappoint you that we’re not Taika, just his fans. He’s got tumblr, but I can’t find ‘ask’ over there, so you could send him your message, The easiest way to reach him is via Twitter. He’s @TaikaWaititi. Or facebook.

But I think I can try to answer your question partially. Taika spent two years in Berlin some years ago and now he’s a regular at the Berlinale Film Festival, so I’m sure he had time to pick up the language. However, when he gives interviews in Germany, he doesn’t want to speak German, maybe just few words or a sentence and the rest is in English. ‘Shadows’ was the first time for me to hear him speak German. Probably he felt more comfortable, because he was in character. I loved it!

Thank you for watching his new film and please, spread the word about it. It’s out in cinemas in Germany from 30 October. Shame that dubbed German (!) version loses the original fun around the accents, but someone told me that Taika’s character has an Austrian accent, which is an interesting observation.

Thanks again and I hope you will get your questions answered by Taika himself. Cheers, Sylwia


It’s officially official (or as close to) - we have a third-term National Government. Taika Waititi provides some great advice for those disappointed with the result.