In New Zealand we really don’t care about anything except for rugby. And Jemaine doesn’t care about rugby.
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[He’s] a bit nerdy. He’s very smart so he’ll pull you up on stuff. He’s one of those guys that’s very good at arguing their point and won’t stop arguing until you give up and agree with him.


More reasons to follow Taika Waititi

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taikawaititi It’s my birthday and I’ll spew a rainbow if I want to. # magicalchucking

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TaikaWaititi If you insist…

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"Hey MTV, We’re Vampires, Welcome to Our Crypt"


What We Do In the Shadows Review


I could not even begin to express the total brilliance of What We Do in the Shadows. The movie is a hilarious play on the pop vampire preoccupation and is a mockumentary-styled film following the lives of four vampires carrying out their brutal anachronistic existences in a Wellington share house. The film is produced by the same team behind Flight of the Conchords and carries the same kind of awkward, unassuming comedic styling of the show. 

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